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15 Common Cyber Security Mistakes by Small business Units(SMB)

  1. They think they are too small for a target

  2. Haven’t made a thorough Asset Inventory Assessment

  3. No Network Segmentation

  4. Ignore Fundamentals

  5. Haven't Done a business risk evaluation

  6. Insecure Digital Assets

  7. Don't Know what normal activity looks like

  8. No 2 Factor Authentication

  9. Misconfigured Cloud servers /Confusion about moving to cloud

  10. User Security Training

  11. No evaluation of threat linking to their supply chain

  12. Lack a business continuity plan

  13. Aren’t thinking strategically about asset allocation & Budgeting

  14. Backup and recovery strategy

  15. No Patching & use of outdated software & operating systems

With inputs from : post Threat

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