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Google Alert!

Wouldn't it be great to get an alert anytime Google came across your name, your business' name or your kid's name?

A good practice to get into, is to GOOGLE these things every once in a while.

Take a look at what the world wide web has to say! Hopefully only positive things will pop up.

You can also set up an "Google Alert" and Google will notify you when you pop up somewhere. I would not say that this feature works 100% of the time but it does work.

Another good thing is to go to "GOOGLE images" and see what pops up.

You might want to look for your kid's photos since they post all the time

And please remind your teenagers that posting photos of doing illegal things is not funny, 2 Piece pics are not how you want to shine online and videos of them getting drunk in a Goa Beach isn't going to help with their future career!!

So, how to set an google alert for your self in google?

Visit & set an alert which you will receive on your email.

Please comment ,Share this amongst your friends & relatives who would want to check out on themselves ,their business or their kids

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